Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Working for Benefit certainly has its... ermm Benfefits (sorry for thre pun!). Especially working in the boutiques, where we usually get to release new products before the concessions. It means as soon as we get new stock in such as testers we get to have a bit of a play around. Even though this product has already been released in the US and by the time I post this it will have probably been released in the UK too, I wanted to talk about the newest box powder from Benefit - Hervana.

hervana box

To be completely honest when I first saw preview images of this new blush I was veryyyyy skeptical as the colour range seemed very purple, not really my thing! Reading reviews on the US site didn't help either as almost everyone was comparing it to Dandelion and the newly discontinued (thank god!) Throb. Basically I though it was going to be another very pale, pastel (not in a good way, more like in a poorly pigmented way) blush that would only suit pale skin types, like the previously mentioned.


I was happily surprised when I finally got my hands on this little beaut though! Everything I thought that it would be, it in fact wasn't. Hervana is a lovely, almost matte, berry shade blush with a surprising amount of pigment that suits basically any skin tone. In terms of the packaging I can't really fault it either, I really quite like the purple toned heaven theme, plus the new packaging comes with a little mirror and a better quality brush! Sounds perfect right? Well actually, yeah it pretty much is in my opinion! Maybe it's because it's my new shiny toy that I don't want to stop playing with but I genuinely can't stop myself from reaching for Hervana in the morning to complete my look.



  1. Pristine skin and I love your eye makeup! Which mascara do you use?

  2. Thank you! :) I use benefit's they're real mascara x

  3. My god you're stunning! I love your eyes (oops sounds creepy!). Just found your blog and can't stop reading it :):):) I've been after Hervana for ages as I'm a little bit obsessed with Benefit but I have no idea why I've never actually purchased it. It really suits you, and hopefully it will suit pale me if I ever finally buy it!