Monday, 20 February 2012

My Eyebrows

I've become pretty obsessed with my eyebrows the past few months, it might have something to do with the fact that since I've stated working for Benefit (at one of the boutiques in London where we have brow bars too) I have been trained in how to actually do brows, as in wax, tint, shape etc. And I absolutely LOVE it! I love doing other people's brows and seeing the transformation and how it completely just changes someones look. So I thought I'd show you the transformation in my eyebrows over the years...


So the first picture is what my eyebrows are like naturally (please excuse the scary huge pupils! I had taken some eye drops for an eye infection.. anyway this is the only picture I could find of my brows naturally) and as you can see they're basically invisible! They were like this up until I was about 16 because I didn't really know what to do with them and was too scared to fill them in because it really made me look so different. Thankfully though I finally did something about them and started ti fill them in.

The second picture is my eyebrows without any product on and not filled in. As you can see I have them tinted now and to keep the shape I wax them, usually I do it myself or sometimes one of the other girls I work with does it. I personally much prefer waxing to threading as I think it hurts less and gives just as nice a shape.

The last picture is of my brows filled in with Benefit's browzings powder and wax duo in 'light'.I really like this product because I think it looks quite natural and it's quite easy to control how much of the powder and wax you apply. Also I just use a slanted eyebrow brush to apply it. I mainly use it at the front of my brows because this is where the hair is quite sparse and I like to have quite a square shape to them. Some people may think that my eyebrows are to dark, or thick, or bold but this is how I personally like them :)


But as you can see a bit of eyebrow grooming makes SUCH a different and I'm really quite happy with how my brows are at the moment and I would really recommend browzings for filling them in.



  1. Wow it looks so different, I need to get in the habit of doing mine!

  2. You have beautiful eyes! x

  3. Great post! Benefit browzings is amazing! xxx

  4. You eyebs are gorgeous!
    Can you recommend a brow kit for dark eyebrows? Mine are quite dark and nothing seems to match!

  5. I SWEAR by Brow-zings! I use the Dark palette as Im naturally really dakr haired, sometimes I do go OTT but I like the big brow look hehe some days I can make them look natural and other days a bit more groomed, thats what I love about browzings!xxx

  6. wow! such a difference! love benefit cosmetics!

  7. I wish my eyebrows were fuller!!! xo